Dhs. 57.00

The active ingredient phytosterol, which is high in anti-oxidants property, in the structure of MineVital Covered Hair Shampoo-Fastens Hair Growth, allows hair growth faster by stimulating and strengthing hair follicles. And, the castor oil that provides solutions to many problems in our body reduces the appearance of breakage and shedding and helps hair growth by nourishing damaged or chemically processed hair.

Covered Hair Needs

Wearing a headscarf is not only protect your hair from the sun rays, wind and air pollution but also make you feel more beautiful and comfortable in the visual sense.

However, covering your hair with a scarf all day causes some problems of hair and scalp problem.

  • Lack of Shine
  • Split Ends
  • An Itchy Scalp
  • Hair Loss
  • An Unpleasant Odor

In a consequence of not your hair getting air, these problems arise and the hair gets in a more fragile structure.

  • MineVital products reduce the possibility of sweat and damaged that can be formed in hair and give it long-lasting refreshing by allowing your hair to stay clean longer. Moreover, the unique formula of MineVital hair care products has been specially developed for the hair which subjected to the closed area.

    • Renew & Vitalize
    • Volume & Shine
    • Fresh & Clean Scalp
    • Healthy Hair Structure

    How to use:

    • Apply to wet hair by massaging gently
    • Leave for 1-2 minutes
    • Rinse thoroughly

    Shampoo – Fastens Hair Growth
    Dhs. 57.00

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